Many men are keen to be male escort for female.  The first thing pop up in men’s mind about male escort is having free sex while you are earning. However, is that so easy? In reality, people hold the wrong perception about escorting. Escorting is a difficult. Having a masculine body and the ability to lasting long in the bed doesn’t qualify you are a good male escort for females. You need to understand, what woman want. Some women want intimacy, some want to have a good conversation, some want to have some relaxed time. Moreover, the need of women for an escort is different from men. Where most men seek intimacy in bed, but women want more. They are want their male companion would be gentle, respectful to women, fit, able to hold a conversation. Women want their male escort would fulfil her desire of companionship, while she will be in total control. For many women having amazing sex is one of the most important factor but majority women want get the company of nicely dressed up man, who maintains his figure and keep himself nicely groomed up. Lastly woman want privacy, love, affection and a well presented man along good stamina. If you can tick all the boxes, you have a bright future in escorting.