Is this is your first time booking a male escort? Are you feeling nervous? It’s natural. 99.99% women I see feel very hesitated, confused to book a male escort for the first time. It could be because they never met a men before, could be their bitter personal experience in previous relationships, could be they are seeking a male company to fulfil her physical and mental needs outside her marriage. But I appreciate your decision to meet with a male escort and would appreciate your courage to send a SMS or email to make the first contact with me. Let me know, your confusions, hesitations, your questions. I am happy to answer all your questions and make you comfortable.

Privacy- I know for females, privacy is the most important factor. I would like to assure you all your correspondence are private and will remain confidential. I don’t have any assistant and myself handle all my booking queries. So all your information remain confidential with me doesn’t matter your book the service with me or not.

Location- Many women don’t contact with escort cause they have the impression they need to host the escort. I provide my service both 4 star hotel or service apartment and also visit 3 star and above hotel or service apartment if you want me for outcall. Please note you don’t need to provide or show your ID at all. You would straightaway meet me at my room.

Security- Security is a big concern for women seeking the service. Hence, for my female client’s peace of mind I provide incall (where you would visit my place) service at 4 star hotel where I need to provide my ID during room renting. So, all my details are saved with the hotel authority. Please note you don’t need to provide or show your ID at all. You would straightaway meet me at my room.

Legal- Sex job is legal in NSW. Check the link for details

Health- Many women fear to catch sexually transmitted desease or injections STI or STD when meeting a male escort. I take mine and my client’s health very seriously. I do not accept and engage in any unsafe sexual activity that could pose risk to our health. I get tested regularly as well. Moreover, i screen clients before the session and for any STD or STI symptoms i cancel the session immediately so that i can protect mine and my other clients’s health. I also don’t do porn.

I am an experienced straight male escort, saw many female clients from all (different) walks of life. From my experience I wanted to answer queries usually I get from ladies and female clients looking for straight male escort in Sydney Wollongong Gosford Central Coast. However, if you have further query please send me a sms 0421616476 or email-

Still if you are confused, i would request you to read the following news articles now a days many women, professional women, single mother seeking the service of a straight male escort in Sydney Australia and around the world