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Discreet & Private – Safe – Restpectful To Women 

Provide Safe & Discreet Incall- You visit my safe, discreet service apartment or Hotel room

Have Sexual Pleasure At Your Own Terms

Offering Service to Any Woman- Single, Married  or In A Relationship

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Must Read The followings if you are visiting this website first time and looking for hiring a male escort for the first time

  1. Read the whole website. You will find all the information here. Specially read the first time booking a male escort and FAQs
  2. Read My Blog where i discussed various topics in details that will help address many of your concerns.
  3. Carefully choose your male escort. Unfortunately due to online directories, many playboys have become male escorts overnight and women are having bitter experiences. Any professional male escort will have his own website and explains his services and experiences and have reviews from his clients. Building own website requires lots of effort and only male escorts TRULY PASSIONATE about his work will do that. Any male escort advertising in online directory are like to be newbie or not much professional since adding an online profile just takes matter of minutes and anyone can do it easily anytime. 
  4. It is scary to be with an unknown male escort due to safety concern. While many male escorts offer incall at their own place to save incall costs; that might not give full comfort to the clients; I addressed this issue by offering my service in a discreet hotel or service apartment where i need to provide my ID during room booking that gives comfort to my clients I will not engage in any harmful act since the authority has got my details. 
  5. Do not book a male escort based on look only. Most of then women make this mistake. Now a days looks can be photoshopped and decisive. Do not get distracted by the look or six pack glamorous photos. It doesn’t tell you about the ability of a male escort in bed. A good male escort is physically and mentally prepared. He is respectful, understanding about her needs besides having good physical attributes – such as having strong erection and ability to play long enough till she is fully satisfied. 
  6. Before hiring, chat with him and see if  he understands your needs. If he is reluctant and doesn’t want to listen to you, that is a red flag and you would know that personal is not giving enough effort to know you and your needs, let alone trying satisfy them. 
  7. If you are concerned about your privacy, do not book through an agency where several people deals with your details and you have no idea about the person your are going to book since agency will not let you talk before you pay them. 
  8. It is natural to feel nervous . Send me an email and let me help you to deal with your concerns. Many women i saw before had similar situations, they discussed their concerns with me, booked a session and returned with smile and have become my regular clients. 
  9. Sex can be had outside a relationship. Regardless you are single, married, in a committed relationship, virgin, in a sexless marriage or in a sexually satisfied relationship, I don’t judge my clients and listen to her expectations and work hard to fulfil all the desires. 
  10. Let me know all your desires if you have such. Don’t feel shy. I am here to fulfil your desires. No desire is weird to me. I love to know your desires and fulfil them as long as they are safe to act.

Thanks for reading the above. I hope you have much better idea now choosing the right male escort for you. At this stage if you believe i am experienced, a good fit for you; i will suggest to listen to the audio testimonials and read the testimonials of my other clients and get in touch with me by sending an email to me. 

Audio Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 3


Audio Testimonial of my one of regular indian clients


  1. Perfect Sexual Encounter- Book Sydney’s one of the best straight male companion for an undivided attention, pure sexual pleasure with guarrented orgasm. Lets fulfill your sexual fantacies and create some unforgettable moments and experience together
  2. Orgasm & Sexual Pleasure Without Vaginal and Oral Sex- Perfect solution for women shy to have sex on first meeting but keen to have WOMEN ORGASM without penetrative sex.
  3. Erotic & Sensual Massage For Women- Perfect Mental & Sexual Stress Release Solution For Busy & Working Women. Click here to read more
  4. Losing Virginity- Are You A Virgin and Want To Losing Virginity With Someone Respectful, Experienced & Understanding In A Non-Judgement Settings? Click here to read more
  5. Safe & Discreet Sexting (Sex Texting)- First time? Nervous? Or Living Away? Shy to meet in person? But also want to feel sexy, have perfect foreplay and cum? Lets do sex chats and let me be your sexting partner
  6. Cuddling- Let me be your cuddle buddy, give you a hug, stroke your hair, feel the warmth, release all your stress, soothe your mind, body, and soul to blissful relaxation.

If you are looking for the service not mentioned here, please let me know.

Why Women Hire Male Escort Where They Can Have Free Sex Through Dating App?

Security- Meeting someone through dating apps could be a nightmare sometimes like what happened to a young woman who thought she was meeting a man she’d been talking with on Tinder was allegedly gang raped at a home in Sydney. Meeting a male escort at secured & discreet hotel and serviced apartment not only provides the security to women from any such unwanted event, but also ensures a discreet session without any stress.

Click here to read the 7news article

Click here to read the news article of Sydney Morning Herald

Click here to read the Sun’s news artice

Guarrented Pleasant Sex- Male escorts are professional and provides guarrented sexual pleasure as per client’s own terms. However, meeting with a guy through dating apps might be free; but doesn’t guarentee any great sexual pleasure offered by a professional male escort.

Women match with guys on dating apps based on looks, not by his ability to sexually satisfy a women. Also many men focus on his pleasure; leaving women dissatisfied with bad sexual experience.

Avoidance of Scam- I’m sure you watched popular Netfix documentary Tinder Swindler where The Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut a.k.a. Simon Leviev is a convicted fraudster who allegedly scammed women. He

posing as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul, he wooed women online then conned them out of millions of dollars.

Click here to read the news article from The Age about tinder swindler in australia

How It Works

Step 1- Contact ,e

Step 2- Let’s fix the date, time and location and meet for a coffee or for a walk or catch-up for lunch whatever convinient for you.

Step 3- Decide about our conviniet day and time and meet discreetly at our agreed location.

My advise for married and unhappy women who are confused if hiring male escort is wrong- “All that’s wrong is that you are with a man who doesn’t try to please you or have terrible sex and it’s only about him , so book a good straight male escort and restore your sexuality.”

Incall Locations

I provide incall at SECURED and DISCREET  apartments & hotels in the following locations where clients meet me directly at the room-

  • Sydney CBD
  • Central
  • Mascot
  • Parramatta
  • Campbelltown
  • Wollongong CBD


Click Here To Email For A Confidential Chat

About You

  • You are 18 years older
  • Maintain a good hygiene
  • Believe in self care and seek optimum sexual pleaseure and keen to unlock your body’s full potential through therapeutic touch focused on pleasure-receptive areas

Women Who See Me

Women from all walks of life including corporate women, accountants, chefs, teachers, nurses, doctors, dentists, paramedics, pharmacists, journalists, surgeons, bankers, lawyers, real estate agents, aged care wrokers, engineers, hairdressers etc from all background see me. Frequent visitors are-

  • Busy Working Women
  • Female Entreprenuers
  • Single Mum
  • Women missing intimacy in Marriage
  • University Students aged 21 years older
  • Women recently separated
  • Women had baby recently and found basic warmth, intimacy & kindness just disappeared even sometimes sex is terrible and only about him

About Me

I am a straight private male escort for women based in Sydney. I respect women and while you are reading this, I appreciate your courage to seek out the company of a male escort. I often see single mom, professional & career-oriented women have less time for romance, women just gotten out of relationships who want to feel sexy and get their confidence back or even women never be with a guy yet. I am popular among women for the lifetime experience they had with me. I am highly educated, completed my uni. I worked in corporate jobs at overseas. So I understand the corporate women’s stress and very good at release them.

I am a perfect companion whether you just keen to have a conversation or need a good silent listener. Again, I am your perfect passionate partner in the bed, if you are after some amazing experience of intimacy. You would be my center of attention for the whole time and fulfilling your desire is my prime concern of our session. Please don’t worry about your privacy; be assured that your privacy and pleasure are my top priorities and under any circumstances that will not be deviated.

Age- In my 30s

Height- 170 cm

In order to provide highest quality of service I see only very few clients in a week. So, please try to book me in advance to avoid any disappointment though often I can be available for short notice booking.

Sydney Male Escort would make the perfect companion regardless of what service you choose and it will be fun that will make you remember this session again and again.

You will find all the information regarding my services in this website. Browse through the relevant sections Services & Rates, Contact, First time booking a male escort, FAQ, Testimonials to find more information of your interest.

I am a professional and knows my job best. So if you are looking for someone educated, elite and from corporate backgroud who can hold a conversation and make you laugh and most importantly you are after one of the best moments of your life and discreet fun; I’m your perfect companion.

About My Cock (lolz)

  • 6-8” when erected
  • Thick & Rock Solid Hard
  • Can last for long time That Can Make You Cum 

Verified Client Testimonials

Service and Rates

Olivia- I am still struggling to find adequate words to describe Jay and his out-of-this-world service. I’m a young, working professional with an extremely busy day-to-day life. Finding pleasure at my own terms was a struggle for me until i found Jay and his incredible sensual massage service he offers for women in Sydney. Jay is extremely professional. As nerve racking as it might be to let a stranger into the intimate parts of your world, Jay puts your mind at ease. As soon as i met with Jay, i knew i would be in good hands. The sensual massage is the best relaxation massage i received since Jay is a professional massage therapist who caters your individual needs and desires. I left feeling incredible and eager for my next visit.

Madison- I was a virgin and i wanted someone experienced for my first time sexual experience. To make it smooth and memorable i decided to see Jay. I was really hesitating. Jay was very experienced, he immediately advised since i am too much focused on my first sexual encounter; i was feeling so stressed. He suggested to try a sensual massage he offers for ladies that gives the same sexual pleasure and makes you more confident and prepare for an actual sexual experience. He advised me to leave the matter in his hands and follow his lead. I am glad i listen to him, what an amazing afternoon we had together. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for sexual experience for first time in life. Thank you Jay. Couldn’t wait to see you again.

Nora- I’ve visited Jay a few times last year for sensual massage with orgasm experience and each time I see him it gets better. Each time is a little bit different, and even more amazing. He has an incredible way of listening to your body and responding to yours needs- without you having to really say much. It’s truly a gift. He knows exactly what to do and it feels incredible every time. He made me feel things I’ve never experienced before and I lost track of how many times I orgasmed.

Aurora- Jay is really sweet, handsome, kind and respectful. He’s easy to talk to and his personality puts you at easy from the moment you meet. Everything that happens is consensual and he checks in with you along the way to make sure you’re comfortable. I wish i could find him earlier.

Eliana- I am a busy, working mom and dating, uncertinity is not for me. This is the best form of self care and stress relief. If you’re reading these testimonials, I hope you will book a session for yourself. It’s so worth it.

Audrey- After much hesitation, I finally contacted Jay and I am so glad that I did! First of all, he made me feel completely safe and comfortable from beginning to end. He’s a completely normal guy with amazing sense oof humour and an abnormally amazing sense of touch.  He is truly high class, the environment is very clean and relaxing. He is completely discreet and ensures the privacy with top priority since i am married it was my prime concern. I’ve gotten a lot of massages over the years, and I love getting them.

Caroline- Jay has mastered the art of female arousal. He gave the level of orgasm and sexual pleasure i never knew that could exist. Ladies, if you’re on the fence, then let me be one of the many women here encouraging you to move forward. I promise that you, too, will be wondering why you waited so long to give this gift to yourself!

Ariana- Before I met Jay I’d never had an orgasm with a partner. I spent years of my life believing there was something wrong with me and my body. Visiting Jay has been life changing for me. My body responds to his touch in a way I have never experienced before. He’s so intuitive and has an incredible ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease to let go of your inhibitions and just experience pleasure. The session is focused on you, and your needs, and what feels good for you. He listens to your feedback and tailors the session toward your preferences and desires. That’s something really rare these days. Through multiple sessions I’ve been able to explore my sexual self and realize my body’s full orgasmic potential. If you’re reading these testimonials, you should book a session to explore the world of ultimate pleasure.

Gemma- I came to Sydney from NZ for official trip. After few overwoeked days; decided to take care of myself and then i found jay when i was searching erotic massage for women. I didn’t have any idea women can get highest level of orgasm through sensual massage.It only took me a few minutes to drop into a deep state of pleasure and arousal. The only bummer that hour ended too fast. Next time i visit Sydney; i would definitely book Jay for longer hours. Sydneysiders ladies, i really envy you. Sometimes i seriously consider to relocate to Sydney to get the magical touch of this gentleman’s hands.

Still Shy To Contact?

  1. Email me 
  2. Lets fix a time to have a conversation over phone and Call me from a private number.
  3. See how you address each of your concern and make you comfortable.

You might be nervous to book the male escort for the first time in your life. If you are, pls send me an email and lets’s have some chat to assure your concerns! 

Female Orgasm Speclialist

Do you miss Orgasm?

Are you depriving yourself from the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE OF PLEASURE?

Can you remember when was the last time you had an orgasm?

I am your perfect company. Let me be your Orgasm Specialist and present you the greatest experience of the world!

Don’t feel shy. All your corrospondence and our meeting is completely private and discreet and only handled by me.


Browse through the relevant sections Erotic Massage For Women In Sydney, Sensual Massage For Women In Sydney, Services & Rates, Contact, First time booking a male escort, FAQ, Testimonials to find more information of your interest.

Where Sydney Male Escort Provide Services

I provide services all across Sydney. I frequently visit the following locations-

  • Sydney CBD and Surrounding Suburbs
  • Parramatta
  • Campbelltown
  • Narellan
  • Camden
  • Wollongong
  • Kiama
  • Gosford
  • Central Cost

Don’t worry, if your area is not listed here, let me know, Sydney male escort would work with you to make fulfill your dream.



Why you should hire me, if you are looking for the best straight male escort Sydney


  • I am a professional. I am an experienced male escort specialised serving only the female clients.
  • Female clients who are my regular clients, i value their loyalty and tend to build a long term connection and relationship
  • I handle everything from receiving and answering booking queries to accommodation arrangement and meeting with you in person. I do not have any personal assistant. Also booking with me means you don’t need to deal with any agency where multiple people handle your information. So, all your information remains secured and our meeting remains discreet and private.
  • I am in this job for long time. I have seen women from all walks of life looking for a male companion for ladies. My experience with diversified female client gave me the insights and good understandings about women, their needs, their expectations and demands from the male escort serving woman.
  • I am highly educated and i am from corporate background. I worked for world’s one of the most renowned companies both in abroad and Australia. Hence, i can understand professional women, women from the corporate background, business women very well. I can have intellectual conversation with you about wide range of topics. Many clients hire me to have good conversation.
  • One of my greatest strength is to understand people. My corporate experience taught me people skills very well. I can understand people very well and my people skills allows to have a fruitful discussion with you, meet your expectations and put your confidence back.

All client’s who met Sydney male escort-Jay; returned with complete satisfaction.

First Time Booking A Male Escort

Is this is your first time booking a male escort? Are you feeling nervous? It’s natural. Sydney Male Escort knows from his experience 99.99% women he meets feel very hesitated, confused to book a male escort for the first time. It could be because they never met a men before, could be their bitter personal experience in previous relationships, could be they are seeking a male company to fulfil her physical and mental needs outside her marriage. But I appreciate your decision to meet with a male escort and would appreciate your courage to send an email to make the first contact with me. Let me know, your confusions, hesitations, your questions. I am happy to answer all your questions and make you comfortable.

Privacy- I know for females, privacy is the most important factor. I would like to assure you all your correspondence are private and will remain confidential. I don’t have any assistant and myself handle all my booking queries. So all your information remain confidential with me doesn’t matter your book the service with me or not.

Location- Many women don’t contact with escort cause they have the impression they need to host the escort. I provide my service both 4 star hotel or service apartment and also visit 3 star and above hotel or service apartment if you want me for outcall. Please note you don’t need to provide or show your ID at all. You would straightaway meet me at my room.

Security- Security is a big concern for women seeking the service. Hence, for my female client’s peace of mind I provide incall (where you would visit my place) service at 4 star hotel where I need to provide my ID during room renting. So, all my details are saved with the hotel authority. Please note you don’t need to provide or show your ID at all. You would straightaway meet me at my room.

Legal-  Sydney Male Escort assure you Sex job is legal in NSW. Check the link for details

Health- Many women fear to catch sexually transmitted disease or infections STI or STD when meeting a male escort. I take mine and my client’s health very seriously. I do not accept and engage in any unsafe sexual activity that could pose risk to our health. I get tested regularly as well. Moreover, i screen clients before the session and for any STD or STI symptoms i cancel the session immediately so that i can protect mine and my other clients’s health. I also don’t do porn.

I am an experienced straight male escort, saw many female clients from all (different) walks of life. From my experience I wanted to answer queries usually I get from ladies and female clients looking for straight male escort in Sydney Wollongong Gosford Central Coast. However, if you have further query please send me an email-

Still if you are confused, i would request you to read the following news articles now a days many women, professional women, single mother seeking the service of a straight male escort in Sydney Australia and around the world

Sydney Male Escort


  1. First Time

Don’t afraid and feel nervous. There were women who didn’t hire male companion. Then had the service and she returned with smile and full satisfaction and visited me again and again. Watch this following video where the woman shared her experience before booking how nervous she was and how amazing experience she had once she had the session with male escort.Just send me an emaill and see how Sydney Male Escorts make you feel comfortable and gift you a memorable experience

  1. Place

I provide in call service at least 4 star and above hotel or serviced apartment.

  1. Payment

You can pay anonymously through fund transfer without disclosing your name and account number. You can pay cash as well.

  1. Privacy

Your name, contact details and all correspondence are confidential and will be kept confidential.

  1. Legal

Many female clients ask is it legal to hire a male escort in Sydney New South Wales Australia? Sex job is legal in NSW. Check the link for details

  1. Health & safety

Health is the most important factor to me. Both mine and female client’s health are my prime concern. Hence i always practise safe sex. I check my health regularly and i am completely free from sexually transmitted diseases. let me know in advance if you are suffering from any disease or physical or mental condition so that we can chat about it and have a pleasant session without any drama ?

Regarding safety, if you’re so inclined, you can tell a friend where you’re going and give them my phone number. You’re also free to text or call someone while you’re here.

  1. Do you see clients everyday? How many clients you see per week?

I do not see clients everyday. I provide my services to only few clients a week so that I can pay my full attention and save my energy for them.

  1. Do you only see or prefer female clients from any specific race?

I see clients from all races or background. Though most of most of my clients are Caucasian but I also saw Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin women.

  1. I am not attractive. What would happen if you get disappointed meeting me?

I do not judge client by their look. I believe every woman is beautiful as long as they have a good & kind heart and respectful.


Still confused?

If you are still nervous and confused watch this video and see you are not alone booking a male escort. There are many woman who hire a male escort not only for sex but also for emotional support, boost up self confidence, add some excitement in life.

If this is your first time booking a male escort and you are nervous and not too sure you want please send me an email and let me help you. Let me know you are nervous and see how i make you feel comfortable.

Contact- Sydney Male Escorts


Please contact through  email. I expect email with the following template




Intended date and time of booking:

Booking length:

Intended services:

*Any special request/Expectations from the session:

Please note that, I do not see any woman who are disrespectful, racist, rude and arrogant. If I face any rude or arrogant behavior, the session would be cancelled immediately.

Please note you must be 18 years older to avail the services.

All your information is private and confidential. Please read carefully the privacy policy regarding handing your personal information. If you do not agree, please do not contact.

Male Escorts In Sydney

Straight Male escorts in Sydney provides male escorts, gigolo service to women across Sydney New South Wales in Australia. Service is exclusive to adult women from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Gigolo Sydney

If you are looking for exclusive, a truly professional and straight male escort service for discreet accompany in Sydney then Gigolo in Sydney welcomes you to a world of indulgence. You would be awarded with a relaxed session and be the complete focus of my attention, for your own special personal experience.

Male Escort Sydney Jay is Sydney’s premier straight male escort with the ability to make you feel comfortable and very special. He brings an incredible excitement. he is well-travelled, intellectual, highly educated and easy to talk to. Male Escort Sydney – Jay is a professional who would provide you the best professional male escort service

Book Best Male Escorts Sydney

Male Escort Sydney’s Service Is All About You. You will get all my attention  when you chose me as your male escort to fulfill your desires. I know very well  how to tick all of your boxes. Male Escort Sydney Jay is a specialist in his job and he knows how to discover your expectations to present you a mind blowing breath taking experience, make you smile while ensuring your pure satisfaction.

For more information on this exclusive straight male escort service contact me for a discreet chat. Click Here To Email Me

Book Straight Male Escort In Sydney

Sydney Male Escort has natural ability to understand women very quickly and make them feel instantly comfortable in his company. He has always been a great believer in delivering the highest levels of excellence and service in any business he has been involved in.

Male Escort Sydney – Jay loves to meet women and believes all women are beautiful in their own special ways. He always build unique and special relationships with all of his clients.

Exclusive Male Escort Sdyney Jay is for your very own magical and personal experience. Contact Jay now Click Here To Email Me, to have a discreet chat about this exclusive straight male escort for ladies service in Sydney.

Cuddle and Intimacy For Women[/caption]

Choose Sydney Male Escort’s Service & Enjoy A Magical Personal Experience

Choose Sydney Male Escort Service & Enjoy A Magical Personal Experience. If you are nervous, don’t worry send an email and Male Escort in Sydney- Jay would make you feel comfortable and answer all your queries to make sure we have a pleasant time together when we meet.

Indian Male Escort In Sydney

Find best Indian Male Escort for Indian Females. Hire an Indian Male Gigolo for your satisfaction. Rent Indian Straight Male Companion to fulfil your ultimate desires. Have Sex with Best Indian Male Escort In Sydney Australia. Straight Indian Male Escort for Indian Ladies.

Asian Male Escort In Sydney

Find best Asian Male Escort for Asian Females. Hire an Asian Male Gigolo for your satisfaction. Rent Asian Straight Male Companion to fulfil your ultimate desires. Have Sex with Best Asian Male Escort In Sydney Australia. Straight Asian Male Escort for Indian Ladies.

Local Male Escort

Sydney Male Escort- Jay is your local male escort who is ready to serve you, come to you, fulfill your every desires. Send an email to book him now.


Male Escort Sydney Visit Following Suburbs

Abbotsbury Abbotsford Acacia Gardens Agnes Banks Airds Alexandria Alfords Point Allambie Heights Allawah Ambarvale Annandale Annangrove Arcadia Arncliffe Arndell Park Artarmon Ashbury Ashcroft Ashfield Asquith Auburn Austinmer Austral Avalon Beach Badgerys Creek Balgowlah Balgowlah Heights Balmain Balmain East Bangor Banksia Banksmeadow Bankstown Bankstown Aerodrome Barangaroo Barden Ridge Bardia Bardwell Park Bardwell Valley Bass Hill Baulkham Hills Bayview Beacon Hill Beaconsfield Beaumont Hills Beecroft Belfield Bella Vista Bellevue Hill Belmore Belrose Berala Berkshire Park Berowra Berowra Creek Berowra Heights Berowra Waters Berrilee Beverley Park Beverly Hills Bexley Bexley North Bidwill Bilgola Beach Bilgola Plateau Birchgrove Birrong Blackett Blacktown Blair Athol Blairmount Blakehurst Bligh Park Bondi Bondi Beach Bondi Junction Bonnet Bay Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Heights Bossley Park Botany Bow Bowing Box Hill Bradbury Breakfast Point Brighton-Le-Sands Bringelly Bronte Brooklyn Brookvale Bundeena Bungarribee Burraneer Burwood Burwood Heights Busby Cabarita Cabramatta Cabramatta West Caddens Cambridge Gardens Cambridge Park Camellia Cammeray Campbelltown Camperdown Campsie Canada Bay Canley Heights Canley Vale Canoelands Canterbury Caringbah Caringbah South Carlingford Carlton Carnes Hill Carramar Carss Park Cartwright Castle Cove Castle Hill Castlecrag Castlereagh Casula Catherine Field Cattai Cecil Hills Cecil Park Centennial Park Chatswood Chatswood West Cheltenham Cherrybrook Chester Hill Chifley Chippendale Chipping Norton Chiswick Chullora Church Point Claremont Meadows Clarendon Clareville Claymore Clemton Park Clifton Clontarf Clovelly Clyde Coalcliff Coasters Retreat Cobbitty Colebee Coledale Collaroy Collaroy Plateau Colyton Como Concord Concord West Condell Park Connells Point Constitution Hill Coogee Cottage Point Cowan Cranebrook Cremorne Cremorne Point Cromer Cronulla Crows Nest Croydon Croydon Park Curl Curl Currawong Beach Currans Hill Daceyville Dangar Island Darkes Forest Darling Point Darlinghurst Darlington Davidson Dawes Point Dean Park Dee Why Denham Court Denistone Denistone East Denistone West Dharruk Dolans Bay Dolls Point Doonside Double Bay Dover Heights Drummoyne Duffys Forest Dulwich Hill Dundas Dundas Valley Dural Eagle Vale Earlwood East Hills East Killara East Lindfield East Ryde Eastern Creek Eastgardens Eastlakes Eastwood Edensor Park Edgecliff Edmondson Park Elanora Heights Elderslie Elizabeth Bay Elizabeth Hills Elvina Bay Emerton Enfield Engadine Englorie Park Enmore Epping Ermington Erskine Park Erskineville Eschol Park Eveleigh Fairfield Fairfield East Fairfield Heights Fairfield West Fairlight Fiddletown Five Dock Forest Glen Forest Lodge Forestville Frenchs Forest Freshwater Galston Georges Hall Gilead Girraween Gladesville Glebe Gledswood Hills Glen Alpine Glendenning Glenfield Glenhaven Glenmore Park Glenorie Glenwood Gordon Granville Grays Point Great Mackerel Beach Green Valley Greenacre Greendale Greenfield Park Greenhills Beach Greenwich Gregory Hills Greystanes Guildford Guildford West Gymea Gymea Bay Haberfield Hammondville Harrington Park Harris Park Hassall Grove Haymarket Heathcote Hebersham Heckenberg Helensburgh Henley Hillsdale Hinchinbrook Hobartville Holroyd Holsworthy Homebush Homebush West Horningsea Park Hornsby Hornsby Heights Horsley Park Hoxton Park Hunters Hill Huntingwood Huntleys Cove Huntleys Point Hurlstone Park Hurstville Hurstville Grove Illawong Ingleburn Ingleside Jamisontown Jannali Jordan Springs Kangaroo Point Kareela Kearns Kellyville Kellyville Ridge Kemps Creek Kensington Kenthurst Kentlyn Killara Killarney Heights Kings Langley Kings Park Kingsford Kingsgrove Kingswood Kirkham Kirrawee Kirribilli Kogarah Kogarah Bay Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Kurnell Kurraba Point Kyeemagh Kyle Bay La Perouse Lakemba Lalor Park Lane Cove Lane Cove North Lane Cove West Lansdowne Lansvale Laughtondale Lavender Bay Leets Vale Leichhardt Len Waters Estate Leppington Lethbridge Park Leumeah Lewisham Liberty Grove Lidcombe Lilli Pilli Lilyfield Lilyvale Lindfield Linley Point Little Bay Liverpool Llandilo Loftus Londonderry Long Point Longueville Lovett Bay Lower Portland Lucas Heights Luddenham Lugarno Lurnea Macquarie Fields Macquarie Links Macquarie Park Maddens Plains Maianbar Malabar Manly Manly Vale Maraylya Marayong Maroota Maroubra Marrickville Marsden Park Marsfield Mascot Matraville Mays Hill McCarrs Creek McGraths Hill McMahons Point Meadowbank Melrose Park Menai Menangle Park Merrylands Merrylands West Middle Cove Middle Dural Middleton Grange Miller Millers Point Milperra Milsons Passage Milsons Point Minchinbury Minto Minto Heights Miranda Mona Vale Monterey Moore Park Moorebank Morning Bay Mortdale Mortlake Mosman Mount Annan Mount Colah Mount Druitt Mount Kuring-Gai Mount Lewis Mount Pritchard Mount Vernon Mulgoa Mulgrave Narellan Narellan Vale Naremburn Narrabeen Narraweena Narwee Nelson Neutral Bay Newington Newport Newtown Normanhurst North Balgowlah North Bondi North Curl Curl North Epping North Kellyville North Manly North Narrabeen North Parramatta North Rocks North Ryde North St Marys North Strathfield North Sydney North Turramurra North Wahroonga North Willoughby Northbridge Northmead Northwood Norwest Oakhurst Oakville Oatlands Oatley Old Guildford Old Toongabbie Oran Park Orchard Hills Otford Oxford Falls Oxley Park Oyster Bay Paddington Padstow Padstow Heights Pagewood Palm Beach Panania Parklea Parramatta Peakhurst Peakhurst Heights Pemulwuy Pendle Hill Pennant Hills Penrith Penshurst Petersham Phillip Bay Picnic Point Pitt Town Pleasure Point Plumpton Point Piper Port Botany Port Hacking Potts Hill Potts Point Prairiewood Prestons Prospect Punchbowl Putney Pymble Pyrmont Quakers Hill Queens Park Queenscliff Raby Ramsgate Ramsgate Beach Randwick Redfern Regents Park Regentville Revesby Revesby Heights Rhodes Richmond Riverstone Riverview Riverwood Rockdale Rodd Point Rookwood Rooty Hill Ropes Crossing Rose Bay Rosebery Rosehill Roselands Rosemeadow Roseville Roseville Chase Rossmore Rouse Hill Royal National Park Rozelle Ruse Rushcutters Bay Russell Lea Rydalmere Ryde Sackville North Sadleir Sandringham Sandy Point Sans Souci Scarborough Schofields Scotland Island Seaforth Sefton Seven Hills Shalvey Shanes Park Silverwater Singletons Mill Smeaton Grange Smithfield South Coogee South Granville South Hurstville South Maroota South Penrith South Turramurra South Wentworthville South Windsor Spring Farm St Andrews St Clair St Helens Park St Ives St Ives Chase St Johns Park St Leonards St Marys St Peters Stanhope Gardens Stanmore Stanwell Park Stanwell Tops Strathfield Strathfield South Summer Hill Surry Hills Sutherland Sydenham Sydney Sydney Olympic Park Sylvania Sylvania Waters Tamarama Taren Point Telopea Tempe Tennyson Point Terrey Hills The Ponds The Rocks Thirroul Thornleigh Toongabbie Tregear Turramurra Turrella Ultimo Varroville Vaucluse Villawood Vineyard Voyager Point Wahroonga Waitara Wakeley Wallacia Wareemba Warrawee Warriewood Warwick Farm Waterfall Waterloo Watsons Bay Wattle Grove Waverley Waverton Wedderburn Wentworth Point Wentworthville Werrington Werrington County Werrington Downs West Hoxton West Pennant Hills West Pymble West Ryde Westleigh Westmead Wetherill Park Whalan Whale Beach Wheeler Heights Wiley Park Willmot Willoughby Willoughby East Windsor Windsor Downs Winston Hills Wisemans Ferry Wolli Creek Wollstonecraft Wombarra Woodbine Woodcroft Woodpark Woollahra Woolloomooloo Woolooware Woolwich Woronora Woronora Heights Yagoona Yarrawarrah Yennora Yowie Bay Zetland Note: Freshwater was previously called Harbord Sydney Localities Appin Cornwallis Pitt Town Bottoms Richmond Lowlands Scheyville Woronora Dam Sydney Neighbourhoods Blaxcell Brush Farm Carlingford North Delwood Epping Heights Hargrave Park Model Farms Roselea Sydney Urban Places Akuna Bay Allambie Argyle Cut Bald Face Balmoral Bantry Bay Barra Brui Beauty Point Ben Buckler Blacktown Industrial Area Blaxlands Corner Broadway Bungaroo Caravan Head Careel Bay Centennial Parklands Dining Precinct Centennial Parklands Entertainment Quarter Centennial Parklands Office Precinct Centennial Square Central Charing Cross Chatsworth Chinatown Church Hill Clifton Gardens Cliftonville Coba Point Collaroy Beach Corr Neighbourhood Centre Cremorne Junction Crestwood Cromer Heights Crosslands Darling Square Dee Why Beach Diamond Bay Dobroyd Point Dunheved East St Ives East Sydney East Wahroonga Fishermans Beach Five Ways Flemington Forestville Bend Fox Studios Fox Valley Fullers Bridge Gallows Hill Georges Heights Golden Grove Gooseberry Flat Gore Hill Hewitt Hillside Jack Mundey Place Kings Cross Kingswood Park Lemongrove Long Reef Macdonaldtown Maroubra Junction Melville Mill Hill Mobbs Hill Mosman Junction Mosmans Bay Mount Pleasant Murray Farm Narrabeen Peninsula Neutral Bay Junction Newport Beach North St Ives Paradise Beach Park Central Peach Trees Pearces Corner Penrith Park Peryman Square Pyes Crossing Quarry Hill Queens Square Rose Bay North Round Corner Ryde Central Shorts Corner Sorlie Spit Junction Strawberry Hills Sunny Corner Taylor Square The Basin The Hungry Mile The Spit The University Of Sydney The Warren Thompsons Corner Three Saints Square Town Hall Victoria Cross Walsh Bay Washington Park Wingala Wynyard

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