Lose Your Virginity With A Professional Male Escort

Losing Virginity To Someone Experienced & Understanding In A Non-Judgement Settings

Last two years i am receiving many requests from young women aged in their early 20’s; seeking my service to loose their virginity. In old days, women didn’t have much choise and many lost their virgnity  in a drunken encounter with some stranger from a pub. However, now a days young women are smart, intelligent and make sure the best arrangements to loose their virginity with a Male Escort who is experienced, understanding and helping many young sydney based women losing their virginity.

First sexual experience is really important in a woman’s life. If it happens with a drunken stranger, abusive partner, if is traumatic; that leaves a long lasting negative impression about sex in women’s mind.

I understand fund is a big problem for young women, hence i offer a professional service with an unrushed session . 

Losing Virginity

Male Escorts Sydney

How It Works

Step 1- Send me a text. Click Here To Send a SMS

Step 2- Let’s fix the date, time and location Also let me know if you have any concern and let me address each of your concern and make you calm

Step 3- Meet discreetly at our agreed location


What To Expect During The Session

  • An unrushed relaxed session with Sydney’s most popular male escort giving you the company in your sexual life’s first important event
  • You will be my center of attention and the whole session is about you, losing your virginty without minimum discomfort and give you the emotional support if you need during the session
  • Passionate Kissing, Erotic Massage, First and An Enjoyble Sexual Encounter, that ends with Best Orgasm of Your Life!
  • After losing your virginity, you will feel more alive like a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

First Time Booking and Feeling Nervous- 

Click here to read my post about FAQs. I tried to answer all queries i receive from women booking a male escort for first time.

Read Newspaper See in 2022 Sydney Based Women Are Losing Virginity To Straight Male Escort

9 News Article- Male Escort- ‘Good Option For Virgins’

Few Important Points mentioned in this article-

  1. Sex expert and clinical psychologist Dr Vivienne Cass said paying an escort for sex was a “constructive option” for young female virgins to consider.
  2. Using a prostitute was a safe option for the many women who were now starting to realise that sex can be had outside a relationship.
  3. “It’s a better option than picking up some guy in a pub,” Dr Cass said.
  4. “At least it means you are more likely to practice safe sex, the escort won’t be drunk and he will treat you well.”