It’s very common women feeling nervous hiring male escorts. 90% clients i saw shared with me they felt nervous while sending me the initial text or during meeting me at hotel room. You can assume may be i don’t understand it. Trust me i had similar feelings while i used to see female escorts several years back before i took male escorting as profession.

I know female clients while meeting a male escort fears about their security, catching STI, discretion of the meeting. Also, they feel nervous whether we are going to click, whether their desires will be fulfilled.

Good news is Male Escorts are professional. I am a professional male escorts and i am seeing clients for long time. I know what is expected of me and i am very good at fully satisfy my client and make them smile at the end of the session. Remember you are meeting someone who is educated, did course on women pleasure, from corporate backgreound, and smart.

Few helpful tips to calm down your anxiety

  • Remember everyone gets nervous about sex
  • Male Escort Sydney practise safe sex and only see clients in 3-5 star discreet hotels and apartments to provide a secured enviornment
  • Admit to your feelings, share with me and together get over it 🙂 If you share me how you feel -“just letting you know i’m feeling shy and nervious”- i can reassure you that you are absolutely doing fine and give you sufficient time to relax
  • Take deep breath in and breathe slowly out.

Trust me being anxious is okay. It’s common human experience. A good male escort understands your concern and work with you to make you comfortable. As you see a male escort more, your anxiety will improve over time.