Almost 99% booking request i receive, my clients says this is their first time hiring a male escort and they are feeling nervous. It is very natural to feel nervous when seeking sexual service since still in the society there is a stigma about sex. Specially when a girl who is virgin, it’s extremely nerverecking for her hiring a male escort for sex, since she is worried what happens if her family knows, her friends know she hired and paid someone for sex, how badly they will shame her.

Married women worried what happens if her husband knows even that guy may be ignoring her sexual needs, or when it comes to sex it’s all about him, being selfish in bed or couldn’t satisfy her properly.

It is very surprising even in 20th century we have to face this kind of situation. From my experience, i also felt nervous before working as a male escort, when i hired female escorts to fulfil my sexual desires. However, i realised it’s my need and i have to fulfil it and there is nothing wrong paying for sex, engaging in sexual activity when it is paid and consensual that fousing on fulfil client’s needs and their desires.

If you are feeling nervous, nothing to be worried. You are here, because of your need and my service is 100% safe, discreet and confidential among you and me. I do not have any assistant or i am not an agency; i work independently and deal with everything relating with my bookings. Hence your details are 100% safe with me. So take some courage and email me-

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