50% of my clients are married women who are deprived of sexual pleasure. Sex is an integral part of your life, in fact i would say it is a part and parcel of our daily life. Every adult woman needs some intimacy, some kisses to release the physical and mental stress. Unfortunately I have seen women who are deprived of sex for months even for years. It is not uncommon to see married women living with hubby/partner under the same roof in a sexless relationship. Many people don’t pay attention to the absence of sex in their life. They accept the fact and move ahead. However, a sexless life may deprive you certain physical and mental benefits as per research. Regular sex is an important contributor to mental well being. Also, when you get the sexual drive and doesn’t meet that physical needs; it doesn’t let your stress out. Over the period of time; it may have an impact on your mental and physical well being. 

A news article by The Gurdian covers the stories of numbers of relationships around the world where people are having sexless relationships and feeling distressed. One female participant responded – “I am a very sexual person. I need sex like I need food and sleep.” That’s true sex is a basic daily need. We all need kisses from our partners to feel the bonding, we need hugs to get the feelings of being together, we need to talk about sex, what he likes to do, what she loves and keen to try, what is her favorite positions, what kind of sex she wants and what’s her fantasies. When these become missing; life becomes robotic, becomes stressful. You don’t need to feel shy to meet with a male escort who is a specialist fulfilling your sexual demands. What you are thinking I know- You are hesitating to touch someone, kiss someone and have sex with someone outside your relationship. You might be thinking about infidelity. However, if you think deeply, you would understand that maybe your partner no-longer cares for your sexual desires, maybe sex is the topic he tries to avoid. Now you ask yourself, if you don’t’ talk about sex or don’t do sex with you then what’s the special thing you do with your partner that you don’t do with anyone else? There is nothing. Well, I am not advocating for break-ups, i am saying you should ask yourself these questions and find the answer and find a workable solution. If require, have a conversation with your partner, visit a marriage counselor or relationship expert. However, there is nothing absolute right or wrong. If you are fine with your situation and that works for you that’s also fine. Most of my married female clients don’t do sex with their partner. Some of them are mid 30’s, some mid 40’s, some are married to first love since school, some are married to someone they still enjoy be with them except the sexless part of their relationship and they found me as a solution to fulfill their sexual needs and keep visiting me regularly to fulfil all their desires.

If you are having a similar situation and need some help to talk about the problem, feeling relieved, become sexually active, have sexual pleasure at your own terms at a safe, discreet place, in a non-judgemental environment; please feel free to text or email me. Your identity is 100% protected since I offer 100% discreet sessions.

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