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Sensual massage for women is a massage session that includes a combination of relaxing sensual massage where a woman receives a slow and mindful full body and tantric yoni massage that allow female energy to be awaken and aroused during the session. Sexual massage techniques are used in order to arouse or achieve female orgasm. The sensual massage involves the stimulation and stroking of the skin that sexually sensitive nerve receptors those are set alight during the massage. It is considered as the best method to enhance your sexual pleasure and enrich women’s sexual life. Beyond the sexual aspects, sensual massage also provides many health benefits.

What Happens During A Session For Sensual Massage For Women

A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform Jay- Sydney’s sensual massage therapist for female; of your comfort zones and any other information you would like to share. Also, if you are nervous, Jay will ask your concern and address each of your concerns and make you calm and relaxed.  At the beginning of the massage session, allow yourself to surrender to the moment and enjoy the pleasure of being touched gently and lovingly. Jay provides an unrushed session aimed at relaxing your mind & body while you receive the greatest sexual pleasure and female orgasm. The Sexual tension are released followed by a relaxation of the muscles. The circulation of this rejuvenating energy inside the body manifests itself outwardly results in you experiencing joy, pleasure, euphoria- a happy ending.


There is a long history of Sensual Massage. The type of touch massage was widespread in China and India, as far back as 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. In India, specific forms of sensual massage, such as tantric massage, were developed to include a spiritual aspect as well as a physical aspect. While massage in the Western world was mainly traditionally used for medicinal or healing purposes instead of sensuality, in modern world women are rediscovering the use of massage as part of sexuality and seeking sensual massage for women to satisfy their sexual pleasure through massage


The tools used for sensual massage are different sensations, special oils or creams designed for massage. Some of these contain scents that help relax or stimulate the recipient, while others are simple oils, such as a basic almond oil, which helps keep the movement of the giver’s hands over the recipient’s body smooth and flowing. Sometimes feathers or different types of cloth, such as silk or velvet are used giving a sensual massage to increase the sensations of the massage.


Several techniques can be used in sensual massage. Some of the most popular are the fan stroke, circle strokes and stretching strokes. Generally, a sensual massage will begin with softer stroke variants to soothe and relax the recipient and move into stronger or harder techniques as the massage progresses.


Ø  I am stressed and/or tense and want an unconditional orgasmic release Ø  Difficulty reaching orgasm, anorgasmia Ø  Curiosity and satisfying female sexual fantasy Ø  Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship Ø  Recently my female libido has increased considerably Ø  Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex Ø  Letting go of control and trusting others with it Ø  Recovering from sexual aggression/abuse Ø  Lack of skill/knowledge by myself and my partner Ø  I am on holiday/business so free to explore my erotic needs Ø  Postmenopausal and still very sexual and my partner is not interested Ø  Convenience and self-care for busy professionals who don’t want a relationship Ø  Separated/Divorced/Widowed, I would still like a sexual release but not ready for relationship Ø  I have cultural or religious restrictions and I need a safe place to explore my sexuality Ø  Exploration of sexual practices as yet untried or unwanted by my male partner Ø  Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem Ø  I want to feel desired and dominated (sensual domination)


It Relaxes Your Muscle A nice sensual massage can help to lighten and relax the muscles helping with its recovery. A sensual massage helps to relax muscles causing them to gradually lose tension. It also helps to prevent any muscle tightening. When a person’s muscles are relaxed, it can be felt by the mind as a pleasant sensation. It Improves Mood A sensual massage plays an important role in helping improve women’s mood after a bad day. Mindfulness and relaxation is also achieved which contributes to an improved mood. Many women find the feel of a sensual massage helps improve their mood and mental acuity. When you receive a sensual massage it will give you a chance to focus on your needs instead of your worries. Satisfying those needs makes you will feel better, mentally and physically. It Enhances Your Sex Life Feeling the touch of a high-quality massage reduces the friction in intercourse. Sensual massage creates a gentle stirring up of your emotions, arousing female senses, lubricating your muscles, and providing a state of sexual satisfaction. It brings balance, wellbeing, and happiness to you connecting the body, and soul. Remove Your Stresses A sensual massage can help rid the mind of stress by introducing relaxation into the body. The experience of a sensual massage is a great way to relieve stress. It Helps to Improve Sleep Quality One of the most important things that sensual massage therapy can help to improve is sleep quality. A good sensual massage is effective for getting you into a better sleep state and relaxing you. It may act as a sleeper boost, boosting your body’s natural ability to generate a more restful sleep. Improves Circulation When it comes to proper circulation, a sensual massage for female facilitates all the major bodily functions. Using a sensual massage properly can increase blood circulation and stimulate the sex organs, helping them to function and return to their natural health. It helps to boost the female body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the tissues and is one of the quickest ways to achieve better circulation and health. Improve Your Immunity System Many studies have found that regular relaxation improves a number of aspects of women’s immune system, including good digestion, digestive enzymes, hormones, and immune cells. When you are in a sensual massage session, your body produces enzymes and hormones that aid your immune system. Due to the rise in the level of hormones in the bloodstream, toxins, and other diseases are eliminated from your body. Increases Energy Levels When you feel tense, tired, or drained from working or from busy schedules, sensual massage is a great and natural alternative. It wakes you up immediately, allows you to breathe deeply, releases tension, and helps your body heal by increasing your energy level. Massage therapy is designed as a healing tool for stress. By gently massaging the muscles, you can release stress and tension. Sensual massage takes this one step further by enabling you to experience complete release. Because sensual massage focuses on the whole body, including your intimate areas, it gives you a head-to-toe relaxation experience that’s simply unparalleled. Why not give it a try?

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About Me- Jay

So, let me introduce myself.  I am Jay Brown- a straight private male escort for women based in Sydney. I respect women and while you are reading this, I appreciate your courage to seek out the company of a male escort. I often see single mom, professional & career-oriented women have less time for romance, women just gotten out of relationships who want to feel sexy and get their confidence back or even women never be with a guy yet. I am popular among women for the lifetime experience they had with me. I am highly educated, completed my uni. I worked in corporate jobs at overseas. So I understand the corporate women’s stress and very good at release them. In order to provide highest quality of service I see only very few clients in a week. So, please try to book me in advance to avoid any disappointment though often I can be available for short notice booking. Sydney Male Escort would make the perfect companion regardless of what service you choose and it will be fun that will make you remember this session again and again. You will find all the information regarding my services in this website. Browse through the relevant sections Services & RatesContact, First time booking a male escort, FAQ, Testimonials to find more information of your interest. I am a professional and knows my job best. So if you are after one of the best moments of your life and discreet fun; I’m your perfect companion.

Rates- Incall

Lets not worry about the place. I provide incall service where you would visit my hotel or serviced apartment without showing any ID and keep your privacy completely discreet. I provide incall at Sydney CBD, Mascot, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Kiama, Gosford and Central Coast. If your desired location is not listed here just let me know, we will find out something together.

1 Hour$ 250Short and Sweet
1.5 Hours$ 400Have some more fun
2 Hours$ 500Double the fun
3 Hours$ 700Lets create some unforgettable memories
Additional Hours$ 200Applicable for 3 hours plus booking

Rates- Outcall

I visit female clients 3 stars and above hotel or service apartment.

1 Hour$ 250Must be 3 star and above hotel or serviced apartment
1.5 Hours$ 350Must be 3 star and above hotel or serviced apartment
2 Hours$ 450Must be 3 star and above hotel or serviced apartment
3 Hours$ 650Must be 3 star and above hotel or serviced apartment

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