Coronavirus is rapidly spreading in Australia and transmitted coronavirus cases jumps in Sydney. Escorts is one of the professionals who are exposed to catching coronavirus and spreading it to others. While it is impossible for anyone to prevent catching the virus, however you could do few steps to minimise the risk.

  1. During initial communication over phone ask the new client about health condition like did s/he experienced any flu like symptoms recently?
  2. Ask the client did s/he travelled recently abroad?
  3. Ask the client as per best of his/her know is above mentioned point 1 and 2 applicable for anyone she meets (family members, colleagues, acquaintances)
  4. Do your own screening. See if the client has any flu like symptoms? If 1/2/3 is yes, politely cancel the meeting and safeguard yourself.
  5. Wash your hand with antibacterial hand wash, drink water and take shower before and after the session
  6. Lastly, if possible meet only with the regular and known clients whom do you know very well and can trust.
  7. If you become sick, stop seeing the client and seek medical assistance. Remember, knowing sick or having any flu symtom; if you see clients, that’s sort of crime in my opinion.

Again, it’s impossible to prevent catching the virus, however you could do your best to minimise the risk. Please note i am not a medical professional. But in light of recent medical advise published over news article, this suggestion has been made. You should see GP for professional advise.