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Month: October 2023

How much does a male escort cost in Australia?

Hiring a Male escort is australia will cost you money. The rate varies from service provider to provider. Prominent male escorts are expensive and costs significant amount to hire for longer hours. Interesting most male escorts in Sydney do not offer incall service and their service rate is usually seems cheaper. However, almost all first time customers cannot host and require a safe and discreet incall service by male escort where they can enjoy the sexual intimicary in a secured and private place without any stress. Hence, do your due diligence before hiring a male escort solely based on his rate. Check his offer and compare the rate if incall is offered. Usually male escorts offer incall usualy charge starting from AUD 400 to 500. For longer hours it costs more. If you want someone desired thrugh FMTY then it costs significant amount usually 3000-5000 ore even more. Jay offer incall service at an affordable rate.

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Sexless Relationships and What You Can Do! 

50% of my clients are married women who are deprived of sexual pleasure. Sex is an integral part of your life, in fact i would say it is a part and parcel of our daily life. Every adult woman needs some intimacy, some kisses to release the physical and mental stress. Unfortunately I have seen women who are deprived of sex for months even for years. It is not uncommon to see married women living with hubby/partner under the same roof in a sexless relationship. Many people don’t pay attention to the absence of sex in their life. They accept the fact and move ahead. However, a sexless life may deprive you certain physical and mental benefits as per research. Regular sex is an important contributor to mental well being. Also, when you get the sexual drive and doesn’t meet that physical needs; it doesn’t let your stress out. Over the period of time; it may have an impact on your mental and physical well being. 

A news article by The Gurdian covers the stories of numbers of relationships around the world where people are having sexless relationships and feeling distressed. One female participant responded – “I am a very sexual person. I need sex like I need food and sleep.” That’s true sex is a basic daily need. We all need kisses from our partners to feel the bonding, we need hugs to get the feelings of being together, we need to talk about sex, what he likes to do, what she loves and keen to try, what is her favorite positions, what kind of sex she wants and what’s her fantasies. When these become missing; life becomes robotic, becomes stressful. You don’t need to feel shy to meet with a male escort who is a specialist fulfilling your sexual demands. What you are thinking I know- You are hesitating to touch someone, kiss someone and have sex with someone outside your relationship. You might be thinking about infidelity. However, if you think deeply, you would understand that maybe your partner no-longer cares for your sexual desires, maybe sex is the topic he tries to avoid. Now you ask yourself, if you don’t’ talk about sex or don’t do sex with you then what’s the special thing you do with your partner that you don’t do with anyone else? There is nothing. Well, I am not advocating for break-ups, i am saying you should ask yourself these questions and find the answer and find a workable solution. If require, have a conversation with your partner, visit a marriage counselor or relationship expert. However, there is nothing absolute right or wrong. If you are fine with your situation and that works for you that’s also fine. Most of my married female clients don’t do sex with their partner. Some of them are mid 30’s, some mid 40’s, some are married to first love since school, some are married to someone they still enjoy be with them except the sexless part of their relationship and they found me as a solution to fulfill their sexual needs and keep visiting me regularly to fulfil all their desires.

If you are having a similar situation and need some help to talk about the problem, feeling relieved, become sexually active, have sexual pleasure at your own terms at a safe, discreet place, in a non-judgemental environment; please feel free to text or email me. Your identity is 100% protected since I offer 100% discreet sessions.

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How To Have A Pleasant Oral Sex

Many of my clients ask me how they can have good oral sex. Single young women in their early 20’s  to women in their 40’s asked me this question many times. 

What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex refers to sexual activities using your lips, tongue or mouth to sexually arouse a woman by gives her sexual pleasure.

Is Kissing Considered as Oral Sex?

Kissing is one of the oral sex acts.

Examples of Oral Sex

Cunnilingus, Kissing, Sucking Nipples, licking anus, and smooching are typical examples of oral sex.

How To Have Great Oral Sex?

Since you have a good idea about oral sex let’s discuss how you can enhance the pleasant experience of oral sex that is enjoyable for both of you.

  1. Rule Number One: Have the consent- Like any sexual act for oral sex you need to have the consent. Engaging in oral sex without seeking receiver’s permission can be considered as invasion or privacy or individual’s consent and may be considered as crime. Many people believe oral sex is not sex that is completely wrong. The examples of oral sex mentioned above are part of sexual activities that stimulate your partner are considered as sexual act. Hence, having consent is very important to enjoy your oral sex without any stress.
  2. Start with kissing- Kissing is considered as a good starting step to arouse your partner sexually that can lead to further intense sexual activity. This good feelings of bonding through smooching and enjoying each other’ warmth stimulates both to go ahead for the next sexual act. A good kissing gives the signals of comfort to both the partners and invites them for further foreplay and sexual encounters.
  3. What Should Be The Next Steps- Once you start with kissing and enjoying the next step can be decided based on both of your individual preferences. There is no step by step rule for everyone. I usually go for sucking boobs. I am a complete boob man and love to passionately sucking boobs on my female clients who enjoy and love getting their boobs sucked passionately by an expert.
  4. My next movement would be focus on the pussy, put my fingers in the pussy hole and start licking it. Women love the feelings of their pussy sucked by a man who keeps using his hands to squeeze their breasts along the way.
  5. Remember don’t rush during Oral sex. It’s not a marathon race where you need to act fast. Rather take the time, kiss, suck passionately and enjoy each other’s warmth. 
  6. Using both Lips and tongue- The pleasure of oral sex depending on using your tongue and lips. It is suggested to start gently, using flick of the tongue to arouse your sexual partner and when she is very aroused engage lips and tongue for passionate kissing experiences. While doing so, keep an eye on the response of your partner and use your own intuition to play by air. 
  7. Do Dirty Talk- Dirty talking is a very effective way to break an invisible barrier between sex partners and engage them for a passionate sex. To get the full benefit to arouse both the partners, it is recommended the conversation to be both sided. Start with how they are enjoying  and based on the received feedback provide your feelings about the sexual experience you are enjoying with them that positively reinforce your partner to engage more. Women love attentive and considerate males. Asking for their opinion, gives the women, her male partner is NOT focused solely on his sexual pleasure but also carer for her. This feeling is extremely arousing and a secret recipe of having great sex. 

It is highly recommended to check each other’s STD status since so many sexually transmitted diseases like HPV virus, Herpes can be spreaded through oral sex. Where there is doubt, using an oral dam is recommended.

Sexual Services For Single Mums In Sydney

In Australia, single mothers make up 81% of single parent families. Single mothers need to perform more responsibilities, handling all the needs of the children raising them. After doing jobs, running errands, cooking foods, cleaning home, taking care of the kids, making some time for herself becomes the least priority. Intimacy is a part of our life and and being in a position with so many responsibilities without intimacy, without sex; life becomes more stressful. Sex is a stress relief activity. Hence, a sexless life becomes quite stressful for a single mother and impacts her work life, personal life, her behavior, mood and overall well being. Hence, even you may not be in a relationship; there are ways to embrace intimacy and get sexual happiness. 


The most safe and best option for a single mum in Sydney is to hire a male escort service in Sydney who is specialised serving single mums.  Hiring a male escort is a better and safer option than a random date with a stranger found on dating apps. Professional Male escorts specialised in providing sexual services only keeping away their emotions. Single mothers can be emotionally fragile and at risk when they date with random guy or playboys who are mostly selfish at bed and focus on meeting his sexual need. Whereas male escort focus on meeting their client’s sexual needs only. Client’s satisfaction is his sole priority. Moreover, not get emotionally attached; protects a single mum from getting emotionally hurt.  Furthermore, a random guy from a dating app might be a criminal or psychopath who can harm a single women and her child while visiting their place. Male escorts see clients in a neutral place usually in a hotel or service apartments where their details are saved with the hotel authority; adds a layer os security for the female client and allows her to enjoy the sexual sessions without any stress.


Being a leading male escort for females; Jay has seen many single mothers in Sydney to fulfil their sexual needs and bringing sexual happiness in their life. is helping single mothers based in Sydney to find and avail sexual happiness in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental environment.

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How To Make Sex Life Better

Often i read news articles couples or partners find their sex boring. Sex is like anything else of your life. Sometimes we get bored with our daily life doing the same thing again and again. In sex, same things happens. If you have same actions during intercourse with your partner, definitely after certain point sex become boring as well. Just think why people find sex with another man or woman more interesting. The answer is simple- they never had sex before, so that is something new to them- make them excited.

If you find your sexual life has become boring, my advise is to try following-

  1. Try new positions- What i mean is try some new actions. Don’t stick to only few positions you feel comfortable. There is hundreds of intercourse positions available online. A simple google search will show you hundreds of positions you never considered or tried before. Discuss the positions with your partner and see what s/he thinks. A simple discussion can make both of you excited and can bring lots of joy that were missing in your sexual journey before.
  2. Try Sex Toys- if you didn’t try before, try some toys for new experiences. There are many toys available that can enhance the enjoyment both of your sexual life. Start with toys those are relatively simple and easy to use first and gradually move towards the more complicated and expensive ones later. Trying toys together is a great way to get back the chemistry that was lost. I would recommend read the reviews of sex toys to have an idea about the experience of other people so that you don’t get any surprise if you are newbie trying sex toys.
  3. Try something new- i would strongly recommend try some actions. Are you just having sex in the bed? When was the last time you had shower together? Do you know how different is shower sex? When was the last time you had sex other areas of your house? Did you tried sex in the balcony in the night or sex in the kitchen or on the floor? If not, try considering that.
  4. Food during sex- It is a brilliant idea to spice up your sex life. Many people try strawberry ???? Ice Cream ???? Cream to make the sex hotter. Just imagine put the chocolate or ice cream  or mango or strawberry in his/her mouth and indulge in some foreplay by licking it.
  5. Whipped cream- If you didn’t try this, i would strongly recommend to try at-least once and see how it goes. Putting some whipped cream on her breast or ass or clitoris and licking it one of the best sexual experiences. Women love their nipples with cream getting sucked.
  6. Using ice cube- i believe it may not work for everyone but you can try it if it works for you. Using ice blocks in the erogenous zones make the zones quite aroused.
  7. Foreplay- The importance of foreplay is nothing new to discuss. If you are having sex without foreplay then you are missing a significant sexual enjoyment. Foreplay prepares our body for penetrative sex, helps man to have erection for long time and helps women by relaxing the muscles and arousing the nerves ending experts says. So in short, foreplay prepare you for the real action. It’s like warming up for the real match.
  8. Discuss your expectations and desires- having a open chat with your partner, knowing each other’s expectations prepares both knowing what is coming and avoid many surprises. For example- if you try anal without informing your female partner, she might not be prepared for it. For example Sudden Anal fingering or penetrations might be quite painful and may stop session right there leaving her angry.  Hence, discuss and know each others fantasies and trying them will definitely make both of you more sexually attractive to each other and add new color to your sex life.

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How To Have A Pleasant Oral Sex

Many of my clients ask me how they can have good oral sex. You may be surpised what to discuss about oral sex? But, if you think

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Male Escort In Sydney CBD

If you are a working woman and looking for a male escort to meet your physical needs and fulfil your sexual desire, you have come to the right place. Sydney Male Escort based in Sydney NSW, provides incall service in Sydney CBD in discreet hotels or service apartment. So you can conviniently meet for sexual encounter during lunch break or after work. If you prefer to start your day with some breathtaking sexual actions full of satisfaction, we can definitely meet for our secret rendezvous to fulfil your sexual needs and satisfy you that will allow your start your work day with a fresh mind and fully recharged mind full of positive energy. So why not send me an email to and book our first meeting.

Why Women Feeling Nervous Hiring Male Escorts/

Almost 99% booking request i receive, my clients says this is their first time hiring a male escort and they are feeling nervous. It is very natural to feel nervous when seeking sexual service since still in the society there is a stigma about sex. Specially when a girl who is virgin, it’s extremely nerverecking for her hiring a male escort for sex, since she is worried what happens if her family knows, her friends know she hired and paid someone for sex, how badly they will shame her.

Married women worried what happens if her husband knows even that guy may be ignoring her sexual needs, or when it comes to sex it’s all about him, being selfish in bed or couldn’t satisfy her properly.

It is very surprising even in 20th century we have to face this kind of situation. From my experience, i also felt nervous before working as a male escort, when i hired female escorts to fulfil my sexual desires. However, i realised it’s my need and i have to fulfil it and there is nothing wrong paying for sex, engaging in sexual activity when it is paid and consensual that fousing on fulfil client’s needs and their desires.

If you are feeling nervous, nothing to be worried. You are here, because of your need and my service is 100% safe, discreet and confidential among you and me. I do not have any assistant or i am not an agency; i work independently and deal with everything relating with my bookings. Hence your details are 100% safe with me. So take some courage and email me-

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