Giving it or receiving it, oral sex is one of the sexiest things between partners. Most of my clients enjoy oral sex with me and after the session keeps repeating your magical lips gave me an unforgettable pleasure. There is no secret. The mantra of good & pleasurable oral sex is is enjoy the moment, passionately kiss your woman. In between kissing make sure do the eye contact. It’s common for women to close eyes during kissing. I suggest to ask her to make eye contact with you during kissing. Thus turns on the partner and and make her kiss you back more passionately. It is suggested once you start kissing gently store your fingers back of your partner’s head, arms and back. Moreover, pay attention to body language of your partner and gradually increase the intensity. Many people enjoy spitting during kissing. Make sure you get the consent of your partner doing so since surprise spitting without consent make destroy her mood.

Lastly, kissing is a very pleasurable sex and many people enoy it. Choose an unrshed time and comfortable place to make the most of an enjoyable kissing experience.