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Month: March 2020

Coronavirus and Escorting! How to safeguard yourself

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading in Australia and transmitted coronavirus cases jumps in Sydney. Escorts is one of the professionals who are exposed to catching coronavirus and spreading it to others. While it is impossible for anyone to prevent catching the virus, however you could do few steps to minimise the risk.

  1. During initial communication over phone ask the new client about health condition like did s/he experienced any flu like symptoms recently?
  2. Ask the client did s/he travelled recently abroad?
  3. Ask the client as per best of his/her know is above mentioned point 1 and 2 applicable for anyone she meets (family members, colleagues, acquaintances)
  4. Do your own screening. See if the client has any flu like symptoms? If 1/2/3 is yes, politely cancel the meeting and safeguard yourself.
  5. Wash your hand with antibacterial hand wash, drink water and take shower before and after the session
  6. Lastly, if possible meet only with the regular and known clients whom do you know very well and can trust.
  7. If you become sick, stop seeing the client and seek medical assistance. Remember, knowing sick or having any flu symtom; if you see clients, that’s sort of crime in my opinion.

Again, it’s impossible to prevent catching the virus, however you could do your best to minimise the risk. Please note i am not a medical professional. But in light of recent medical advise published over news article, this suggestion has been made. You should see GP for professional advise.

How to have pleasant anal sex?

Many of my female clients are huge fan of Anal sex whereas few clients are really scared of having a cock in their ass. But why some people scared? When i tried to figure out the reason i came to know either they had bitter experience when they tried it first time with some novice guy or not interested because of hygiene.  Even few women are scared to try it because they heard horrible painful experience from their friends.  So i decided to write this blog article about anal sex and how you could enjoy it even could be your most pleasurable sexual act if it performed correctly.

First of all, when it comes to Anal sex it requires bit preparation. Have a chat with your partner so that both of you know what to do in different circumstances, whether to slow down or pull out slowly or you are enjoying it and need more intense sex.

Secondly make sure you are clean. Now try to be relax so that you can relax you anus muscle to allow the toy or penis inside you. For first timer, i would recommend to use a sex toy with lots of Lube inside your anus to prepare it for the real game. If you don’t have any sex toy, don’t worry at all. Use lubed finger. It’s the best way to prepare yourself alone to see how you could relax your anus muscles.

It is recommended to use Silicone based lube since it is compatible with latex condoms.

Thirdly, now you need to consider the best position for anal sex that would give you the control. Hence, it is recommended yo have your partner on his back- cowgirl position so that it’s convinient for you to decide how much of his penis you want to allow inside you. Don’t forget to allow lube on his penis for a smooth pleasurable experience.

Remember, when you are taking the penis first time, don’t rush. Slow down and gradually speed up if you find that comfortable. If you experience any pain slow down right away or stop completely of required.

I would stop here. If you are more curious about anal sex let’s meet for a session and have some fun. May be we could add some toys and do double penetration for maximum pleasure.

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